CSO William Tew, Ph.D. Dr. Tew is leading GlycoMira Therapeutics with his  40 years of experience as an entrepreneurial executive. He is a former founder/Chairman/CEO of Chesapeake Biological Laboratories (Baltimore, MD), Glycosan BioSystems (now part of BioTime, Alameda, CA). Dr. Tew served as Chief Commercial Officer at BioTime until recently. He held a position at Johns Hopkins University as Associate Provost and Assistant Dean of Technology Licensing.

Chairman. Thomas Heath, M.B.A. Tom Heath served as Senior Vice President at NPS Pharmaceutials. He was a Founder-Director-President at Echelon Biosciences and also was Pharmaceutical Division Manager at Pfizer (Montreal, Canada).

CSO. Glenn Prestwich, Ph.D. Dr. Prestwich is Presidential Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Presidential Special Assistant for Faculty Entrepreneurism at the University of Utah. Dr. Prestwich is a distinguished scholar in hyaluronan derivatives for tissue engineering and reparative medicine. He is a co-founder of Echelon Biosciences, Sentrix Animal Care, and Glycosan BioSystems (currently BioTime).

CMO. Thomas Kennedy, M.D. A co-founder of GlycoMira Therapeutics, Dr. Kennedy is a Professor of Medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine. Dr. Kennedy’s research is a leading expert in heparinoid compounds to treat human diseases.


VPO. Justin Savage, Ph.D. Dr. Savage is our VP of Operations. He is an  expert in drug development and proteomics. Dr. Savage received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Brigham Young University.


Director of Research. Won Yong Lee, D.V.M., Ph.D. Dr. Lee is leading our R&D. He has extensive experiences in drug development that he built during his career in Korea. In addition, Dr. Lee is an expert in molecular biophysics that greatly benefits GlycoMira’s scientific mission. Dr. Lee received his Ph.D. in molecular neuroscience from Mayo Clinic, his D.V.M. and Master’s in toxicology from Konkuk University (Korea).

Director of Glycobiology Research. Abigail Pulsipher, Ph.D. Dr. Pulsipher leads our glycobiology research and heads CMC. Her expertise include in organic synthesis, chemical biology, and glycosaminoglycan biology. Dr. Pulsipher received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed her Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) postdoctoral research at Caltech in chemical neurobiology.

Advisory Board

Jeremiah Alt, MD. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Surgery (Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Division) at the University of Utah. More info.

Siam Oottamasathien, M.D.  Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Utah and Primary Childrens’ Medical Center Intermountain Health Care. More info.

Charles Ryan, J.D., Ph.D. Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for Forest Laboratories, Inc.